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Most of us dread the day when we “need” to hire an attorney.  Fears come to mind such as “legal fees will be too high for me” or “this could go on for years.”  The Law Offices of Aaron J. Lodge work very hard to keep legal fees reasonable and to do everything possible to bring about a speedy resolution.  You will not be billed for every phone call, every email and every minute of work on your case.  Instead, we bill in such a way as to be affordable to you, and fairly representing our work on your case.

Aaron Lodge began his practice working to “serve” his clients and to “fight” on their behalf.  He thus worked many hours pro bono, and specialized in negotiation skills to bring about quick and unique solutions to often complex legal problems.   Mr. Lodge has worked for over 20 years as both a volunteer and professional in community mediation and with numerous local organizations helping people. Also, in responding to many people’s fears of the law, Mr. Lodge provides personal attention to teach and/or coach his clients in the area of their cases.

The result to you, as a client, is simple:  you will not feel foreign to your own case.  You will know what is happening and why.  You will know the communications between other parties involved in your case and your own attorney.  And finally, you will know your case is in good hands, being fought diligently and strongly.


We are a small, local law office, providing specialized legal support and litigation.  We also provide mediation services, with tremendous experience in bringing difficult and complex issues to resolution without huge legal costs or prolonged court hearings.

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